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Happy Thursday families and friends…

Today the children had a wonderful day of learning and play as we continued on with our Easter celebrations. Yesterday afternoon the children had a little visit from a ‘big white bunny’ who delivered chocolate eggs. Harry and Harper were very keen to give the bunny a big hug and cuddle to say thank you for our special treat while most friends were content to give the Easter bunny a big wave and quickly collect an egg from the basket.

This morning Miss Kerrie helped the Toddler friends make their very own Easter eggs. The children were very excited to observe the melting chocolate pour into the egg shaped molds as they took turns to help. The children were also keen to engage in conversation about the bunny that visited yesterday and that they enjoyed their yummy egg, The children then washed their hands again for morning tea and then transitioned outdoors for a lovely big play in the playground.

Outdoor play today the children enjoyed chasing the bubbles, mixing sand, water and bark in the water trough, racing on the 3-wheeler bikes and taking turns on the swing. We then made our way back indoors for big lunch which included delicious ‘beef nachos’ – our favourite meal of the week!

We hope you all have a safe and Happy Easter weekend and see you all next week…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Steph