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Good afternoon families,

Happy Wednesday! Today we welcomed Liz, Myah, Charlie, Archie, August, Millie, Obi, Luna, Diego, Ruby, Abraham, Lagertha and Mohid. We started our morning off indoors where the children could explore the 2 different dinosaurs table- one with different dinosaurs figurines and another one with dinosaurs book and mirror. We went outdoors where the children chose to play in the swing and role play in the sandpit.

We sang our famous “bee bee” and also teach our new friends our good morning songs- “Hello how are you” and “If you happy and know it”. We enjoyed our morning tea today which was “coconut strawberry delight” and all our friends showed great skills feed themselves with the spoon.

For our activity time, we had indoor and outdoor environments. Outdoor the children engaged with the sensory tray and dinosaurs and indoor we created footprints with the dinosaurs stamping the green clay.

Before our lunch we all went outdoor for more play and we also engaged with our friends from Toddlers Two. Before our lunch Miss Thais engaged a group time with our crocodile puppet and our little basket with different wooden fruits. The game was – the children had the opportunity to choose what they want to feed the crocodile giving the crocodile different fruits. Miss Thais was the crocodile, and the children laughed a lot saying “Miss Thais is funny”. They asked for more! Probably we will repeat the “crocodile hungry game” this afternoon.

For our lunch we transitioned indoors and had our yummy “wholesome shephards pie bites with cauliflower mash”

*** On Friday it’s a Red Nose day, so don’t forget to wear red and please bring your $1 dollar coin to donate it.

Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi