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What a Wonderful Wednesday we had today! We started our day off in the great outdoors, digging in the sand, sliding down the balance beam and playing on the forte. It was then time to transition inside where we had a delicious morning tea of fruit and jelly ice blocks with fresh fruit.

A few of the children started dancing on the mat, so Miss Jess turned the music on and the Toddler Friends danced around the room to some very catchy tunes. To continue on with the children’s interest in all things dinosaur, Miss Leesa then set up a dinosaur sticker activity at one of the tables. As soon as the Toddlers spotted the dinosaur stickers, they gleefully found a spot at the table and got straight into it! While a few of the children were engaged in the sticker activity, Miss Jess set up a painting activity at the art table. The children used cotton buds and watercolour to create some beautiful pieces of art.

The Toddlers then moved onto the mat and proceeded to use Lego to create some marvellous buildings, farms and vehicles. Before lunch time, the children sat down and participated in a Yarn Time. Here Miss Jess and Miss Leesa read some of the requested train books and sang some of our favourite nursery rhymes.

What a great day we had today! Until next time….

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess