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Good afternoon and happy Wednesday!

As its forecasted to rain today we started our morning off outside! We welcomed into the yard; Brayden, Orion, Myah-Rae, Ava, Millie, Lagertha, Ruby, Nikora, Lara, Lincoln, Rosie, Isabelle, and Tua.

Our friends displayed a lot of  interest in the see-saw,  obstacle course and outdoor playdough this morning! When we transitioned for moning tea; Miss Maddi sang with our friends “Hammer Hammer” – in fast and slow versions as requested and then “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” to slowly move inside to wash hands and enjoy eating Happy Morning Breakfast Pizza all together.

Afterwards we sat down in book corner together and read “Fox in Sox” and then talked about different animals and what sounds they make, we had fun thinking of what sounds animals like – giraffes, birds and sharks make. For our activity and group time today our friends moved between playdough and starting to make our own space planets by spaying food colouring onto paper and watching the different colours mix and make new colours. We enjoyed spending time all together inside and moving between activities before heading outside again for play before lunch.

For lunch today, our friends loved the Deconstructed sushi bowl with sesame sauce! We are now resting and the cloudy sky is helping our friends sleep easier! See you soon and much love; Miss Maddi, Jordan and Crystal.