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Hello and a warm welcome to our friends and family of Toddler One!

We have had a beautiful and slow day here in Toddler One. This morning we welcomed Ava, Nikora, Onyx, Nayla, Tua, Isabelle, Ruby, Rosie and Millie, our friends enjoyed playing in our room for longer this morning; exploring the home corner and baby dolls especially. We then made our way outside while it was still nice and cool.

Onyx, Ava and Ruby showed a lot of interest in the water play with Miss Jess just like yesterday morning, thoroughly splashing each other this morning too.

Nikora, Nayla, Ruby and Tua followed Miss Maddi to the bridge to read “numbers” and “alphabet” together and Rosie and Isabelle enjoyed the obstacle course!

Time flew and before we knew it, it was time to transition inside for morning tea; we sang “bee bee bumble bee” – our friends favorite and most requested song! After morning tea Miss Maddi read to our friends “What’s the weather?” where we then talked about what type of weather it is today and what is looks and feels like! For our group time experience today we made our own sunshine by painting paper plates! As we have already learnt about the rain and rainbows; sunshine was an extension of learning for the week! To also keep practicing our friends fine motor skills our we used tongs to pick up ice cubes to take from one bowl to another; they are getting so clever and building strength with their fine motor skills!

After our group experience our friends used their self-help skills put on their sunscreen and hats before going outside for more free and spontaneous play before lunch and rest!

We are excited for our friends to wake up for more play this afternoon.

Much love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Otavia xx