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Hello everyone!

Happy Wednesday 😊 Today we welcomed Millie, Luna, August, Lagertha, Charlie, Abraham, Ruby, Liz, Diego, and Myah. We started our morning playing outdoors with Toddler 2. Our friends enjoyed playing in the sandpit together and singing song on the bridge and throwing bouncy balls on the roof with Miss Gabi!

Miss Thais then sat us down for our group time today were we got to enjoy listening to two stories our friends picked out, Miss Thais read to us “Toilet time” “ My dad is the coolest” and “Why I love my mummy”. We had great interactions with the children during story time today they are all doing so well with sitting down and listening.

After we had morning tea, we set up some farm animals and Lego trains for our friends to enjoy on the mat together, they all loved playing with the activities all sitting and engaging well. While our friends enjoyed some free play, Miss Thais was setting up something exciting for our friends to help her with. As today is Charlie’s birthday, Miss Thais had organized for us to help her make a special birthday cake for Charlie! We all gathered around the table with Miss Thais and Jordan, and each took turns in pouring the cake ingredients into the bowl. The children also practice their counting and colours during the experience. Everyone was so excited to help, after we finished making the cake, we sang a big Happy Birthday to Charlie. Before making our way outside for another run around outside.

Before getting to enjoy our yummy lunch Miss Jordan sat with the children outdoor and sang some songs “hammer hammer” and “bee bee”.

We all resting now and we can’t wait to try our cake this afternoon during afternoon tea!


Love Miss Thais and Jordan