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Alert: Little Big Sport started back today seeing Finley participating in what looks like lots of fun and skill.

Today we separated into two small groups. Here we are being archaeologists again but this time we are in the yard with a big trough with different coloured rice. The children enjoyed baring the little dinosaur’s skeleton into the rice and after they got a spoon and scoped out looking for the toys. They extending the experience brought sand from the sandpit and mixed it together with the rice. Digging their hands into it they enjoyed the feel of the sensory play.

In group time today we covered When I’m Feeling Sad emotion book. We all enjoyed this as a cohort with Miss Steph being the reader.

The inside group used the opportunity to develop their independence by placing the finger tap stamps upon their fingers of choice and dabbing them into the paint placed in the centre of the table for everyone to have a free selection of colours to choose from. This experience also gave the opportunity for children to freely express any creativity and emotion through their art. Harrison, Poppy and Chanel used their self-expression and got right into expressing with painting and turned it into a sensory experience rubbing their hands completely into the paint  all about their page. While Millie and Banjo enjoyed the independence in which the task provided.