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Good afternoon friends and family!

This morning we welcomed our new friend Myah-Rae!! Our friends had the opportunity this morning to choose between playing inside and outside. Outside we enjoyed saying hello to the horses, swinging on the swing together and reading some books in the outside quiet corner. Inside, our friends enjoyed connecting the magnetic tubes, home corner and putting together puzzles.

After morning tea, we enjoyed reading some books including ‘piranhas don’t eat bananas’ with Miss Tiffany before we split into two groups for activity time! Miss Maddi and Miss Dominique took some of our friends outdoors to explore and enjoy more spontaneous play while indoors Miss Jordan and Miss Tiffany helped our friends with leaf painting! They enjoyed dipping leaves in RED paint (our color for the day!) and printing the leaf shape onto paper – we rotated groups, so our friends all had a turn!

When it was time to transition for lunchtime we all sat down to read ‘celeste the giraffe’ and ‘what’s on my farm’ and of course lastly ‘bee bee’. As we had our lunch and our friends snuggled into bed it began to rain; perfect time for our friends fall asleep and rest their small bodies. See you, tomorrow friends!

Love; Miss Maddi, Jordan, Dominique and Tiffany xx