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Happy Wednesday Families and Friends 🙂 

A warm welcome from the toddler’s classroom!!!

Another beautiful and playful morning around here – Today we began our morning inside the classroom with our friends from Toddlers 2 – The children’s favourite experience was building with blocks and magnetic tubes.

How the time flies when we are having fun with our friends because before long it was time to Toilet/ nappy change / washing hands and Morning tea time – After some more more play and before lunch time we had a  group time. Using Christmas hats our little friends had a special group time today – Miss Steph sung and read a “Jingle bells” book. She was singing the melody and after her the children were repeating the rhymes. It was such fun training for our Christmas party. 

For the table activity today it was time for toddlers to let their creativity flow in a free paint experience. Using the paint brush and digging it in red, green and silver glitter and also magnetic colours the children started to create the own items to decorate our classroom Christmas tree. 🙂

There was so much going on, so much noise, so much smiles and laughs and so much fun around here this morning! 

Now our little friends are resting on their bed – listening to quiet songs and relaxing for one more adventure this afternoon!!! 

Check out the photos!!

With Love

Miss Steph and Miss Gabi

PS I just wanted to remind everybody that parent teacher interviews are coming up this Friday…