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Welcome to our Wonderful Wednesday here in the Toddler One Room. Our morning started outside, exploring the wet patches of astro-turf, the puddles on the forte and how much easier it was to build with the wet sand in the sandpit. We then transitioned inside to enjoy our yummy morning tea of carrot cake and fresh fruit. The children then moved off to various activities around the room. Connor and Kyro ran straight to our Book Area and started assembling some puzzles. While Ivy and Harper found the finger puppets in our Chill Out Area and started singing. Ryan soon joined them and the three friends put on a little show together. Harry found the Fire Chief jacket and used it as a hat as he wandered around the mat saying ee-oor-ee-oor.

Miss Jess then gathered the bucket of Lego from the storeroom and placed it on the mat for the children. Joseph saw the trucks and gathered as many as he could before he started driving them around the mat. Harvey soon found himself over in Book Area piecing together some puzzles with Ryan and Ivy. While William busied himself at the dollhouse, systematically setting the house up before moving the people in. Miss Leesa than sat down with a small group of children for an impromptu Group Time. Here she read the Toddlers a few books before they moved on to other activities.

This morning the children were talking about the rain, flowers and butterflies, so as an extension on that the children were given the opportunity to create butterfly paintings. The children were offered water colour paint to create their masterpiece, before they folded it over and patted it to create the butterfly effect. There was a lot of ‘wow’ and ‘oooh’ when the children opened their picture back up. The children then joined Miss Leesa and Miss Jess on the mat to participate in Yarn Time. Here Miss Leesa read the children some funny animal books, sang some nursery rhymes and played a few games of Sleeping Bunny.

What a fun-filled day it was today! Until next time….

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess