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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today we welcomed Ava, Rosie, Orion, Nikora, Tua, Myah, Millie, Lagartha, Brayden, Abel and Ruby. When the children arrived in the Room they found a “Space table” where they found a moon, rocket ship to explore it and also the Book “Give me some space”. We started the morning in the big yard where the children enjoyed running around and jumping on the bed pretending to be monkeys. Today we are celebrating the National Simultaneous Storytime, so Miss Maddi read to us the Book “Give me some space” and Miss Thais explained to the kids about the elements that they could find a space and the activities for the day.

We transitioned to the toilet wash our hands and had a “Happy Morning Breakfast Pizza” for morning tea.

After morning tea we had a group time on the mat inside the Room where we talk about emotions and how we were feeling today. Miss Maddi and Miss Thais also made different faces and the children guessed the emotions.

For our Group Time today we had 3 different activities at the tables happening at the same time. Miss Thais helped the children to paint their own moon by using paper plates. The children also could observed the moon light at the table during the activity. Miss Jordan did the rocket ship with the children cutting and gluing different pieces of coloured paper and Miss Maddi had the sensory table with playdough and stars. During the playdough activity Isabelle and Ruby also enjoyed make snakes. The children could rotate and find the preferences activities through their interest.

Time flew and was lunch time. At this time we had “Deconstructed Sushi bowl with sweet sesame sauce”. The children really enjoyed the lunch today!

Today we are saying goodbye to our beautiful friend Ava. We are going to miss her so much!


Love Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan