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Hello and a warm welcome to our friends and family of Toddler One!!

This morning we welcomed; Nikora, Millie, Aria, Nayla, Onyx, Isabelle, Ruby, Orion, Isla, Abel, Tua and Ava! Our friends enjoyed a longer morning of playing inside; playing with the train tracks, stacking building blocks, home corner and reading books. As it got a little warmer we headed outside to the double side yard with toddlers two, the children loved exploring the bigger yard and seeing what is has to offer! After enjoying a morning of inside and outside play our friends were a little exhausted, so we sat down together to rest and transition inside for morning tea.

When we finished enjoying morning tea together and filling our tummies we moved to our ‘quiet corner’ and Miss Maddi had something special to show it, an ABC book that Ruby bought in! Our friends loved reading with Miss Maddi and repeating the letters and naming each animal. Extending on learning our ABC’s our friends were given the opportunity to rotate between three different alphabet activities during group and activity time – chalkboard letters, ABC flash cards from Ruby and sand sensory bin alphabet practice. Our friends are learning so fast and soaking it all in, we are so proud of them!! After our activities our friends requested to read ‘Follow that tiger’ ‘Going on a bear hunt’ and ‘Alpacas with Maracas’ before applying sunscreen, finding hats and heading outside again for more play before the rain.

After more spontaneous play and singing nursery rhymes outside er finished off outside play with “Bee bee bumble bee” of course and then transitioned inside for lunch and a big long rest. See you again tomorrow friends.

Much love; Miss Maddi, Jordan and Otavia xx