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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Toddler One!

Today we welcomed; Tua, Lincoln, Nayla, Rosie, Isabelle, Nikora, Millie, Orion, Myah-Rae, Ava, Ruby, Abraham and Brayden!

Outdoors this morning our friends showed interest in the diggers, bikes, puzzles and baby dolls! It was lovely to start our morning off straight away outdoors in the fresh air with Toddlers Two.

After singing ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’ we transitioned inside for Awesome Rawsome Energy Bars which sure gave our friends energy for our cow race! For the race, we lined up chairs on either side of the mat and Miss Thais lined up our three bouncy cows with coloured cones in front of each. Our friends sat beautifully on the chairs and waited for their turn to race, before each race we asked what colour the cones were – red for stop, yellow for caution and green for GO!!! It was so fun to see our friends so engaged in the activity all together!

Afterwards we all made our way outdoors together to the double slide yard. Here, we enjoyed dancing to the wiggles and sleeping bunnies. We also loved reading – ‘I am brave’ and practicing our daily affirmations and building truck tunnels with wooden domes. After all of our busy play we came back up to start transitioning indoors for lunch where we ate – Heavenly Me Goreng Fried Noodle Salad. Our friends tummies are full with happy hearts!

See you soon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan