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Good afternoon families and friends,

Today we welcomed August, Luna, Liz, Charlie, Diego, Millie, Charlie, Myah and Ruby. We started our morning exploring the Farm animals which were set up on the table this morning we also got to play with the diamond blocks which our friends found.

When the sun warmed our yard up, we transitioned together outdoors. We hopped on the 2 wheels bike and swing! Ruby asked Miss Alicia to push her on the swing. While our other friends enjoyed running across the bridge and digging big holes in the sand pit. After we got to enjoy some free play outside, we all came together, and Miss Thais read to us “we are going on a bear hunt” our friends thoroughly enjoyed this book all reading along with Miss Thais. With our friends even saying, “we’re not scared of the bear Miss Thais”. We then sang bee bee all together to make our way inside for some yummy morning tea which was “Organic Fruit Toast and delicious triple berry coconut jelly.”

After morning tea, we got enjoy some spontaneous play around the room. Our friends have been loving home corner recently all sitting around the table cooking for one another and rocking the babies to sleep and giving them baths! Over the past couple of weeks, we have been focusing on different colours with our friends so today for our activity Miss Thais set up three different coloured sensory boxes for our friends to explore asking each of our friends what they saw in each box and what different colours there were. They also could explore the different textures. While miss Thais was exploring them with some friends Miss Jordan also set up “Colour blocks” for our friends on the floor, asking each friend at a time to find a certain colour. Our friends are getting clever at recognising all the different colours they see😊. The children also enjoyed building with lego and dolls house with Miss Alicia.

After we got to enjoy our colour activities we started to make our way outside. At this time Miss Thais talked about emotions and we enjoyed playing with our friends from Toddlers Two.

Miss Thais, Maddi and Alicia