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Good afternoon from Toddlers One!

This morning we started off outdoors welcoming; Abraham, Mohid, Lagertha, Loki, August, Luna, Halle, Liz, Myah, Archie, Obi, Charlie and Winston. Outdoors we enjoyed a morning of spontaneous play and engaging with our toddlers two friends aswell! We are all practicing our balancing skills on the two-wheel bikes, sandpit cooking and getting into a little bit of water play!

For transition time for morning tea, Miss Thais sang “If your happy and you know it” and “Bee Bee” to help us move indoors and fill our tummies with Raw-some Avocado Chocolate Slice. After morning tea, we gravitated towards our interests throughout the room – we played with the cork stacking blocks, enjoyed some quiet reading time in book corner and made our own construction site with the wooden blocks and wooden trucks. After free play indoors we transitioned outdoors where we extended on our learning about bugs! We were so excited to find frozen bugs that we had to rescue out of big ice cubes! We problem solved this by smashing the ice with a big plastic hammer. We also discovered a green clay table outdoors where we used our imagination to make our own homes for bugs. We really enjoyed an outdoor morning in the fresh air – it was the perfect way to spend our Wednesday!

Before lunch we had a busy time chasing one another around the playground and making ice cream for each other in the sand pit before sitting down with Miss Thais and reading “Making New Friends” and singing “Bee Bee” for lunch where we ate Moreish Italian Mushroom Ricotta Lasagna!

Thank you for a beautiful Wednesday and we will see everyone this afternoon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi xx