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Happy Wednesday Families and Friends!! 🙂

A warm welcome from toddlers one!

What a beautiful and relaxing day we had around here today! We started our day playing inside the the children had a free choice to choice what they would like play with. We built houses with the magnetic blocks, built tall towers with the stacking soft blocks and made animal noises around the mat.

The time past so fast when we are having fun with our friends, before we knew it was time that we cleaned up our classroom and started our daily routine – Change nappy/ toilet time, washing hands and morning tea time. Before morning tea time we all sat together on mat to sing our favourite nursery rhymes as in Wheels on the bus, The little tiny turtle and the little green frog and also our transition song ” bee bee bumble bee” when patiently each child waited their turn to sing their name and washing hands! They love it! 🙂

Today at the morning tea time we asked our friends what they would you like to do – We could just hear all the children’s voices saying ” PLAYDOUGH, PLAYDOUGH”. So, once they finished morning tea was time for a sensory play experience. We made two different colour of the dough and place it on the table with tools as scissors and animals shape cut and much more. Modelling, squashing and rolling our friends let all the creativity come out in the form of making dinosaur , flowers, pig, snake, snow man and much more.

Today the children also get engage in: draw with pencil, play in the playground, home corner, read books and much more.

Now they are relaxing their body’s in bed listening a quiet music and getting already for one more adventure in this afternoon.

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With love

Miss Steph and Miss Gabi