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Good afternoon and welcome to Toddlers One!

We have had a very busy day, we started off our morning by welcoming; Millie, Liz, Lagertha, Augie, Myah, Diego, Charlie, Abel and Abraham! Indoors; we enjoyed cardboard drawing where we drew lots of animals, we stacked the timber blocks as high as we could, and had playdough where Abel made a cake and sung Happy Birthday to Millie!

When then transitioned to into morning tea and enjoyed, Organic Apple, Cranberry and White Bean Crumble together. After morning tea we got ready and put our shoes on to walk down the bottom building to watch the special “Manners Show” with Toddlers Two! We learnt about the importance of manners and how we can use them all throughout the day!

For our group time after the show; we sat down with Miss Thais at our felt boards and had sung “Five Little Monkeys” with our felt characters – Charlie and Myah loved to sing along as we counted down the monkeys. We then enjoyed spontaneous play where Liz and Diego spent time in home corner and Abraham and Lagertha loved stacking the cork blocks up very high! After free play we then had a puppet show! Miss Maddi put out chairs for us to sit all together facing Miss Thais where she introduced another puppet friends called “Patrick”! It was fun all sitting on the chair together in a big long line!

We then helped Miss Thais and Miss Maddi make our beds before going outdoors to join toddlers two before lunch! For lunch we had Mexican Feista Make My Own Nachos and we loved it!

We are now resting our bodies; see you soon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, and Miss Maddi