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Hello Families and Friends 🙂
Happy Wednesday

What an amazing day at toddlers classroom today!

We began our morning playing in the playground with our friends from toddlers 2 – The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the yard… looking for their self selected games and play such as riding bikes, pretending that they are driving a little car, digging in the sandpit, reading books and much more.  Also in this fabulous morning the children got a visit from the neighbours horses. They love feeding, talking and patting the horses.

At our group time today Miss Gabi read a new book ” Is that your poo Kangaroo?” -The children  sat all together on the mat listening and giggling about the story. All friends today are currently toilet training and they are doing a great job! We couldn’t be more proud of our little friends – after it was time to sing all our favourite good morning songs and do the transition for our morning tea time.

After morning tea time it was a chance for the children to explore the inside environment. At the table – the activity was set up for sensory play with green/soft playdough with natural elements such as dry leaves and sticks to decorate it. Then a quiet space was set up with fine motor skills learning experience, where the children could catch bugs using a pair of tongs and then also the mat  was set with the children’s favourite choices of toys such as as train tracks, animals and blocks. We ended our morning with everyone getting their own balloon to try keep it off the floor. 🙂

The time flies when we are having fun with our friends – Now our friends are resting their body in bed, listening to relaxing music and charging their energies for another big adventure this afternoon.

Check out the photos.

With Love Miss Steph, Miss Danna and Miss Gabi