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Good Afternoon!

We had a slow start today welcoming; Nayla, Rosie, Millie, Nikora, Myah-Rae, Orion, Isabelle, Ava, Rosie, Tua and Isla. As it was raining, we enjoyed playing indoors with the sea animals, wooden blocks and colored window blocks! After spontaneous play Miss Thais set up a special activity that helped remind our friends of the dentist visit we had last week! She layed out drawings of teeth on the table and gave each of our friends a toothbrush so we could practice brushing teeth.

During transition time before morning tea; Miss Maddi read to our friends ‘Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas’ and ‘Follow that Tiger’. We sang ‘Bee Bee’ to then make our way to the bathroom to wash hands and eat morning tea.

For group time today we split into two groups and our friends had the opportunity to rotate or stay at their preferred station. We had playdough cooking, mask making with glitter and feathers and outdoor play where we read a lot if books in the shade. Our friends enjoyed moving around each area.

Time flew and we combined back together for a quick reading group time where Miss Jordan read to our friends ‘Whats on my farm’ and of course sung ‘Bee Bee’. Have a beautiful rest of the afternoon and see you tomorrow!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Lara xx


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