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Happy Wednesday Families and Parents 🙂

A warm welcome from toddlers one!!!!


Another wonderful day to explore and spend time with our friends!!! We started our morning under the warm sunshine  in the yard with our friends from Toddlers Two. The music was on in the yard and Miss Dominique invited our friends for dance and to pop bubbles – Colten, Kennedy and Banjo got so excited and had a very nice time making up their own dance moves.


Also in the yard Luca and Harrison chose to dig with the digger trucks – and Ivy had a nice time “cooking” sand cupcakes.  On the tables outside Harry explored drawing with the chalk on the chalkboard- asking Miss Gabby to draw different animals, he spoke about his pet pig at home.   We also had some friends that took themselves on an adventure around the gardens pretending they were doing some gardening!!! They had a lovely time exploring!!!


The time passed so fast when the children were having such fun in the playground, it was then time to come inside, wash hands, change nappies and get ready for group time and morning tea time.


Before our group time, Miss Steph proposed a little yoga time – we stretched, we extended and we stopped for a little moment and paid attention to our breaths – They love doing “yoga”. After all the energy settled in our little bodies it was time to set down in leasing carefully in a story time. We read NAME OF THE BOOK today, most of our friends will be a big sibling to our sister or brother soon. The toddlers get so confident in the story time and happily repeat the phrase like “ Mummy has a baby in her tummy” – How cute!!

To extend the children interests about baby, Miss Gabi set up a big carton box when she drew a person and invited our friends to help coloring – Poppy looked at the picture and said: Is a small face Miss Gabi! Harrison came around and asked, “Is it Mummy? Henry sat down close with a chalk in his hands and said: Baby in Mummy’s tummy was an amazing time when we had the opportunity to create together.


During playtime inside this morning the children also had the opportunity to enjoy a mat play with blocks, animals and trucks and also one of the tables was set up with a playdough sensory play. So far the playdough experience is of the favorite activities around here. They all get very engaged and as soon as they start work on the dough the imagination comes through. Poppy made a little snowman – Banjo, Harrison and Ryan made little snakes, Kennedy and Ivy made little balls, Henry and Harry had so much fun smashed the dough and Colten hid his little car in the playdough. 🙂


Now our friends are having a little rest on their beds and listening to soft music under their blankets and charging the energies for another big play session this afternoon.


Check out the photos


With Love


Miss Steph and Miss Gabi