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Good afternoon,

Today we welcomed Abraham, Brayden, Tua, Alia, Nayla, Ava, Millie, Orion, Nikora, Isabelle, Myah, Ruby and Rosie. We were so lucky today that we could enjoy outdoors. The children enjoyed water painting and free play while they were outdoor. Miss Maddi lead the group before we transitioned inside where we sang our favorite song “Bee bee bumble bee” and read some books about feelings “The world of my emotions”, “When I feel happy”. We also repeat the words together as a group time “I am kind”, “I am loving” and “I am gentle”.

After morning tea we had two different groups – inside and outside. The children who were outside were engaged coloring some different faces- happy, worried, brave, sad. Was also a good opportunity to talk more about the emotions and how they were feeling. Inside the children had the chance to paint happy faces by using the sponge and yellow painting.

Before our lunch, Miss Thais read the book’s “How to make a new friend” and “The wonder of my body” together and then have more play outdoor before lunch. During lunch time the children self-selected what they want to eat – pasta, salmon and salads! Yummy! After big lunch, we are having our rest for more play outdoor!

Love Toddlers One