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Happy Wednesday Families and Friends 🙂
A warm welcome from the toddler’s classroom!!!

The toddlers were so cheerful to play and explore all the environment this morning. We began our morning in the playground  area with our friends from Toddlers Two. Popping bubbles, running around, riding the tricycles and digging sand in the sandpit were the favourite experience around here. Each day our friends are more confident to start new friendship and exploring new games and play. 🙂  

The time flies when we are having fun then was time to pack way the playground then started our morning routine – Toilet/ change nappy – washing hands – morning tea time and group time. Singing bee bee bumble bee our friends had a nice and smooth transition for the inside experiences.

After morning tea was time for our group experience. In our group time today Miss Gabi extended the children’s interest for sensory play and let them colour in the playdough that they made yesterday. Everybody sat down for the table activity and made their choice of one colour for colouring their own piece of the playdough – pink and blue were the most popular die to pick for our friends. Squeezing the painting through their fingers and pushing the dough they had so much fun!!!

The children also enjoying get engage with: building with blocks, read blocks, play with animals toy, dance, magnetics tubs, reading books and much more.

It was so much going on, so much noise, so much smiles and laughs and so much fun around here this morning!

Now our little friends are resting in their bed – listening to quiet songs and relaxing for one more adventure this afternoon!!! 

This afternoon we look forward to practising our jingles for the Christmas concert.

Check out the photos!!

With Love

Miss Steph and Miss Gabi