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Good afternoon and welcome to Toddlers One!

This morning we welcomed our friends; August, Rosie, Myah, Millie, Isabelle, Tua, Nikora, Lincoln, Ruby, Abraham, Lagertha and Brayden outdoors into the big yard! We enjoyed balancing on the obstacle course, running races, and hoppying donkeys; it was beautiful to soak up the warm sun and fresh air this morning before it got too hot.

When it was time to transition indoors for Happy Morning Breskfast Pizza we sang ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’ with Miss Jordan and washed hands and found our drink bottles.

Indoors this morning Nikora, Lagartha, Abraham, August and Myah listened to Miss Thais read the books “Good night Tiger” and “Follow that the tiger” where we extended to role play with tigers puppets, tiger wheels and tiger little creatures making tiger noises. We also enjoyed the book “The wheels” and then after sat at the table play with playdough when Nikora decided to added the trucks and his cars from home. Abraham made a cake and started to sing Happy birthday and we sang all together. Lagartha also enjoyed build with the big blocks with Lincoln and Augie in our construction area. Ruby enjoyed quiet time reading books with Isabelle. Outdoors we made our own “red moons” as it’s a blood moon tonight! Miss Jordan and Maddi talked to our friends about the science behind a blood moon and how to turns red whilst we were spraying paper with red food colouring and water. This activity helped ourt friends strengthen their hand muscles and fine motor skills. Brayden, Myah, Rosie and Millie loved this activity especially. For more fun afterwards we asked our friends to help us hose off our art table cover- Tua loved getting the hose and tried to spray his friends!

Afterwards we all made our way outdoors together to enjoy spontaneous play before transitioning indoors for Deconstructed Sushi Bowl with Sweet Seseme Sauce and rest time!

See you soon, Much love from Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan