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Hi families! Hope you’ve had a great day!

We began our day with free choice outside as usual, allowing their imaginations to be put to use and developing their sense of wellbeing and identity. The children played with bubbles, the obstacle course, the special fishing rod magnets and the bikes. Having the children all playing and interacting between classrooms is so important for fostering new friendships, resilience and creating different dynamics.

Harrison, Colton, Banjo and Henry enjoyed playing with the bikes today, using their feet to push off the ground and to peddle on the other bikes.

Colton – “Hey look! Super fast”

Harrison – “I love the bikes”

Banjo – “My bike”

Henry – “Banjo follow me”

Chanel, Ivy, Isabelle and Saiya enjoyed the fishing rods, and they used their gross motor skills to lower the rod and pick up the magnets.”

Chanel – “Look I got it!” “that’s fun”.

Ivy – “wow! it moving”

Isabelle – “yay!”

Saiya – “ahh!” *big giggle*

Before morning tea we gather on the mat for some songs, where we then transition to the bathroom where we sing our hand washing song then grab drink bottles to sit down on the mat. Harry, Harrison, Colton, Banjo, Chanel, Isabelle, Saiya and Henry all enjoyed singing the their name to Miss Layne while she sung “bee bee bumble bee” to transition to the bathroom to put in to practice our implemented hand washing routine using our song we like to sing. The children are all very familiar with this song and often will be heard singing along to it in the bathroom!

Today we decided to have a picnic outside and enjoy the nice warm weather and our picnic food of toast and fruit. The children love having a picnic for their finger food. It gives them the opportunity to ask for more, and stop when they are full. It also allows them to ask specifically for what they want using words like Ivy, Millie, Chanel who all said “more watermelon, more apple” and “more honey toast”.

Before coming inside we gather on the step to sing our days of the week song, sing good morning to each of our friends and teachers, along with acknowledgement to country and then transition to inside where we go and sit down in ‘the cave’ for our morning group time, where we read some stories, reminding the children that it’s book week, and this is why we are reading all kinds of different books!

As children grow and develop, routines help them develop a sense of security, and feel safe in their learning environment at kindy. When children have a good routine, it allows them to feel in control, confident and allows them to predict what happens next. The children all sang along with their good morning songs, and were excited to run into the cave and get a good spot for the stories.

Since its book week, we decided to let the children choose new books each day that we would read and they could hear new stories as well as some familiar favourites. The children absolutely love reading stories and is a main highlight of their day. Today the children chose the book “Three little pigs”, and “Miss Jolly Brolly”. Throughout reading the three little pigs, the children loved joining in on Miss Gabi, pretending to be the big bad wolf, huffing and puffing and blowing down the piggies houses. They all screeched with excitement when the piggies house blew all the way down. Harrison even helped hold the book today!

Harry – “bye bye house”

Colton – “big bad wolf!”

Ivy – “big bad wolf is a baddie, not a goodie”

Millie – “oh no, the poor piggies”

Harrison – “I blew the house down too!”

Elijah – “Oh no!”

Today we decided to ask the children what sort of curious creature they would like to draw for their very own books. Many of the children did this activity and came up with some very interesting creatures, a few also just used their imagination and drew what came first to mind.

Saiya – “I draw a baby”

Luca – “I draw an orange pig”

Colton – “I draw a car and a pig”, his car “does pi pi” “car is pipi”

Elijah – drew a beautiful blue creature.

The children had the option to play with the cars, do the book week drawing or go back outside. They dispersed and went around to each activity as they pleased today.

Millie – “I’m playing with the cars” “look I parked it.”

Ivy – “look they fall out (the cars) When asked by Saiya about the babies “look I show you!”

Henry – “I’m digging on your shoe” “Banjo’s shoes”

Banjo – “Haha on your shoes” “look I found a truck! My turn”

Harry – “look a gorilla and a monkey!”

Isabelle – “a cup and a shovel” “yay wee slide!”

Harrison – “my baby Fletcher” (pointing at the babies) “look the balloon popped”

Chanel – “Look that thing is stuck”

Colton – “Danna the toys are in the school bus”

Saiya – “babies yay”

Luca – “look the cars” “I want to play on the bike”.

Elijah – “sand”

We hope you had a fantastic day and we’ll see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love, Miss Steph, Miss Danna and Miss Gabi xxx