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Good afternoon everyone!

This morning we welcomed; Orion, Nayla, Abel, Millie, Isabelle, Nikora, Myah-Rae, Brayden, Abraham and our new friend Lagertha! Our friends enjoyed free play outdoors and displayed interest in dancing on the wooden stage, building in the sandpit, reading in the shade and of course the bikes. During transition time we practiced a short and sweet mediation to help with our  deep and slow breathing. When our bodies were calm we read “The Wonky Donkey” and “Roadworks”- our friends loved “The Wonky Donkey”!!

After enjoying Awesome Rawsome Energy Bars for morning tea, we enjoyed a little time of spontaneous play; our friends gravitated to the tiger scooters, jumping cows and the construction blocks. For group time we continued to extend on our theme for the week – Transport! For our first activity we made shapes and tracks of different vehicles in playdough and then we made a transport ramp out of cardboard. We had such a fun time together launching cars off the ramp and laughing as the landed on the ground at full speed!

Afterwards we enjoyed more outdoor play while the weather wa

s the perfect temperature for our friends. For lunch we had Nourishing Pumpkin Soup, we are loving soup as its getting a little colder!

We will see you this afternoon!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla