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Happy Wednesday families and friends… Today in the Toddler One Room the children had a wonderful time role playing, socialising and engaging in conversation with their peers. Ivy brought along her baby doll from home which she shared with her friend Ryan. Harry and Joey joined in as the children carefully placed the baby doll in the cot and covered it with a blanket for sleep. Ryan said, ‘baby sleeping Leesa’ and Harry pressed his finger to his lips and said, ‘ssshhhh’ as he pointed to the baby doll.

Dinosaur play continues to be one of our favourite play experiences. Ivy and Ryan both collected a dinosaur each as they identified some of their dinosaurs features including ‘spikes on the back’ and ‘big teeth’ and engaged in role play as they both pretended the dinosaurs were eating the leaves on the trees. Harry chose a book from the shelf and sat on Miss Leesa’s lap for some one on one reading time.  Harry helped point out the farm animals in the book and create the animal noises including a pig, chicken and puppy dog.

The children then transitioned to the creative table where they collected resources including paper, crayons and pencils. The children displayed very good fine motor drawing skills and use of imagination as they proudly showed off their pictures. Ivy drew a picture of her dad while  Ryan drew a dinosaur and then practiced his paper folding skills as he rolled and folded the paper back and forth.

Yarn time today the children chose some of their favourite nursery rhymes and Ivy requested sleeping bunnies. The children excitedly gathered on mat and pretended to sleep and then jump likes bunnies when they woke up.

 Until next time…

 Love Miss Leesa and Miss Jess