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Hey there families! Happy hump day!

A big happy birthday to our friend Harry today! happy 3rd birthday! we feel so lucky to have got to watch you grow and change as the year has gone on.

Outside this morning our friends really enjoyed playing with the dump trucks, they have been loving the past few days filling them up with water or wet sand from the water play area and taking them back to the sandpit to make sandcastles! Some of the children really enjoyed playing with the bikes, pretending they were in race cars and racing each other to the end of the track and back around again. We read a spooky book outside for some of the children called “I’m not scared” tying in with our Halloween theme. The children love this book and giggle and squeal the whole way through.

Today we sung our good morning songs, said our acknowledgment to country and started discussing our Halloween activities for the day and what we would be doing! We have been really encouraging the children to use their manners at the moment, ensuring we are saying please, thank you, sorry and excuse me. Today at group time we read the book ‘Say please little bear’ to show the children when we need to say please. They are getting really good at their sorry’s and thank you’s but please is definitely an important main one at the moment.

Since it was Harry’s birthday, we made some cupcakes! We worked together as a team to crack the egg, put in the ingredients and mix it all together. We also did some halloween activities, we made some spooky green playdough with bugs for the children to manipulate and create spooky little worlds for their bugs. We also made our very own mummies to display around the room! we cut out some little men and used the tape to wrap around their bodies, using our fine motor skills to rip the tape and wrap the tape around.

We had a great day today and we hope you did too!

Lots of love, Miss Gabi, Miss Danna and Miss Simona xxx