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Hello families and friends!! Happy Wednesday 🙂

A warm welcome from toddlers one classroom.

Today we began our day with a big play playground with our friends from Toddlers two. When were outside, they self select activities were: rode bikes, digging in the sand pit , went in the slide and swing. We also blew bubbles and played with the bubbles machine. All the children get so excited when they sow the bubble`s machine working as soon as the bubble`s got off the machine they started try to pop and aid “ Pop it..  pop it … pop it…” The children also try to blow bubbles by their selfies what was little bit difficult for some friends but also was a good and fun experience to learn a new skill. 🙂
Also the children having enjoyed so much “throwing” balls in the roof. They asked for the educator to help then do it. This game turns in one of the favourite game in the playground – one we throw the ball up the children just fallowed it laugh so much and then tried to catch it – so much fun!

Before we came inside in this morning we all sat down on the step and sang our good morning song, saying good morning to each of our friends and our days of the week song, did our acknowledgement to country and when it was time to come inside, we washed our hands, sung our hand washing song and grabbed our drink bottles ready to sit down for morning tea so that we know everyone is ready for their morning tea.

After morning tea was time to  play inside the classroom. Today we used the playdough as a tool for practiced cutting skills and fine motor skills. The children rolling the playdough on the table made a “snake” and after that with a proper playdough scissor they cut the “snakes” in little parts. Also, the children chose to play in the sensory board – soft blocks in the mat – transporting toy as a track and cars. What a fun morning!!

Now our little friends are in bed listing a relaxing song and calm down they little body’s for another adventure in this afternoon!!!

Check out the photos!!!

With Love

Miss Steph and Miss Gabi