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Good afternoon families,

Today we welcomed Liz, Diego, Charlie, Luna, Lagertha, August, Abraham and Millie. We started our morning exploring the Home corner and making a morning tea for Miss Thais and Miss Jordan. During the role-play, we asked the children what they were making and preparing for us. The children have been using their imagination and language to engage during role play. Charlie, Liz, Millie and Luna enjoyed the baby dolls patting them and put them to sleep saying “Shhh”. August, Diego and Lagertha enjoyed sharing the blocks and building a tower. Abraham enjoyed books and role play with dinosaurs. and We also engaged in songs and actions this morning.

Miss Jordan sang our “bee bee bumble bee” and the children transitioned to the toilet to wash their hands. After morning tea we have been using our self help skills to pack away the drink bottles and bowls. The children are really happy in to do it and they also like to help each other during that time.

For our Group Time this morning, we explored our Felt Board in the Room. Miss Thais sang “5 little monkeys” and also counting 1 to 5 in english and Portuguese (Miss Thais and Liz’s first language). Millie, August and Abraham enjoyed repeating the Portuguese numbers and counting them. We also talked about emotions MIss Thais showed them different facial expressions and asked the children about colours and if the face was sad, happy, angry or tired. They all did well and they loved playing and sticking the felt faces on the board.

Before our lunch, we sat down and sang more songs- “Hello how are you”, “Hammer, hammer hammer” and “If you happy and you know it” we transitioned to the toilet and Miss Thais asked them to find their drink bottles and also talked about the colours of their drink bottles.

We are resting our bodies for more play this afternoon.

Miss Thais and Miss Jordan