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Good day everybody

Today we had a busy class of 9 Toddler children eagerly excited to begin their day with Miss Steph back greeting them on arrival with fantastic smiles and cuddles.

As the children join the others on arrival in the playground it is great to see them bonding with each other and joining an activity straight away. Harrison,Ivy and Harry enjoyed picking up the dirt with their trucks and diggers. Before going inside for morning tea we gathered on the astro turf to sing some of the children’s favourite songs. This is a great way to extend vocabulary and verbal language skills as the children gather around and learn the words and discuss what song we should sing next.

The activity for today consisted of coming up with a creative obstacle course that we can keep inside. The children did well at helping set up the equipment but were certainly more eager to get on and climb then wait for it to be set up.

That’s all for now folks, thank you all for reading.

Miss Steph and Miss Gabi xx