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Today we continued to encourage the children to go together in pairs to this time today skip to the toilet conveying and constructing messages with purpose and confidence, building on home/family and community literacies. The children are beginning to recognise that they have a right to belong to many communities, the Riversdale Early Learning Community with their friends.

Friendship is a very special thing. It’s great to have friends, and being a friend to someone else feels good, too. Sometimes getting along with your friends is easy, and at other times it can get a little wobbly – but there are lots of ways to keep your friendships balanced and fun.

Isabelle, Ivy, Elijah, Saiya, Chanel, Harry, Millie, Harrison, Colton, Luca, Poppy, Banjo, Ryan, Finley and Henry displayed awareness of and respect for others perspectives while working on keeping friendships balanced and fun enjoying the book called Friendship is like a seesaw.

So today we painted macaroni pasta ready for our activity tomorrow celebrating this week’s theme of building friendships and maintaining strong relationships. We used yellow, green and blue paint to colour the pasta. The children then used water paints manipulating equipment and managing tools with increasing competence and skill to  to draw me and my friends. Children resource their own learning through connecting with people, place , technologies and natural and processed materials.