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Good afternoon from Toddlers One!

This morning outdoors; we welcomed Augie, Millie, Charlie, Archie, Lagertha, Luna, Liz, Obi and Ruby! We had a beautiful time exploring various activities; there were dinos with Miss Jordan, the obstacle course with Miss Hope and books with Miss Jess! We also had a great time engaging in spontaneous play at our own pace.

For group time this morning before morning tea; we read “Wheels”, while we were reading Miss Maddi asked our friends to say the colours we saw throughout the book. After transitioning indoors with “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” we enjoyed Rawsome Avocado Chocolate Slice for morning tea!

For our activity we split into 3 small groups again. Indoors with Miss Jess we enjoyed colouring in a and outdoors with Miss Maddi and Miss Jordan we extended on our learning about spring! With Miss Maddi; we did a fine motor activity by using big spoons and scooping rainbow poms and flowers out of the water. With Miss Jordan we collected more flowers to use as paintbrushes; we did this by dipping the flowers into colourful paint and stamping them onto cardboard!

We then all came back together for some spontaneous play before transitioning back indoors for lunch where we ate Veggie Filled Lasagna!

By the time it was rest time we were all exhausted and ready for sleep!

See you this afternoon everyone.

Much Love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi x x

PS – our photos from the day will be on the window this afternoon!