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Outside we put on our hard hats got our tools and went around the yard looking for things to fix. We got our tools ready and found that there were pot holes in the bike track as everyone wanted to use the bikes and trucks inside. We used our investigating skills to see what might be the matter with the bike track…. We found a divot on the side of the path that was to Ryan, Luca, Colton, Harrison, Elijah and Finley’s standard so we used the sand that we filled into our trucks

Inside area the children played with softs blocks, car obstacles courses using a suspended car park, the train track, and the airplane line. The kitchen corner was busy like always where the children pretended being a Michelin chef and feeding the baby dolls.

Being the Superhero Week, the children and their educator decided to make superpower their own super power bracelet that make them having powers in addition at this experience we extended the play to lunch time when the food was to give super power through our  healthy menu.