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Hello families and welcome to another fun day of learning here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre’s Toddler Room. We had a quiet morning with our two friends Kaylee and Harry.¬†After a delicious breakfast of apple crumble and custard, the Toddler Friends sat at the table with Miss Leesa and used the watercolour paints to decorate some Native Australian animals. Harry chose to use his hands at one point to move the watercolour across the wooden animals. Kaylee then assisted Miss Leesa in cleaning up Harry by getting the wipes and trying to wipe the watercolour off his face and hands.

We then continued our NAIDOC Week activities. The children had the opportunity to make another collage. Harry went first and used the red, yellow and black paper to recreate his own Indigenous Flag. Kaylee then chose to make another collage and created her interpretation of the Indigenous Flag. Harry then came up to Miss Jess and started dancing. Miss Jess asked Harry if he wanted some music to dance to and he replied “Yeah please.” The children used the ribbons and danced around the room.

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess