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What a busy day we have had in Toddlers today! Our morning began with Miss Leesa reading us some stories and singing some of our favourite songs. After a delicious morning tea of fruit and pumpkin bread, it was time for some activities. Train play was all the rage this morning! Asher and Zander layed down on the mat and started building their own train track. While Sophie and Harvey worked on a track together. Harry challenged himself to building a track all by himself. Sophie then joined Ellie and Kaylee over at the Fire Station for some small world play using the vehicles as props. Harvey moved on to the Poly M blocks and built himself some racing cars.Charlotte found the animals in the basket and was telling everyone what sounds they made.

Miss Jess then gathered the ribbons for the children and put some music on. The children danced away to various songs and twirled around with the ribbons. Even Miss Leesa got her groove on! Soon Sophie, Ellie and Zander brought the musical instruments over to the mat and were playing along to the music.

As the children started to move away from the mat, Miss Jess put 4 placemats on each of the tables. On one table, the playdough was divided into four and the other table had the kinetic sand divided into 4. The children each found a place at a table and kept busy creating! The children worked hard on their creations until it was time for Arakan. After Arakan had finished, the children came back inside where Miss Lyn read some more books to the children. It was then time for our yummy lunch of lamb kofta, rice and veggies.

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Jess & Miss Lyn