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Happy Tuesday families and friends! Wow… What a wonderfully busy day in the Toddler Room…Today we welcomed Miss Shauna into the Toddler room who is currently on work experience.  We hope you had fun playing with all our friends today… This morning Harvey requested the lego set for building. The children quickly gathered on the mat to build tall towers and transport vehicles. Miss Leesa prepared sensory playdough play on the table for the children to roll and knead and make birthday cakes, using the colourful feathers as pretend candles. Miss Gabby then joined us for our weekly yoga session. The children continue to engage and enjoy Miss Gabby’s lesson as they stretch, pose and play make believe games. The children’s favourite time of the yoga session today was relaxing and  laying under the blankets while Miss Gabby tickled the children with her feathers. Yarn time today we shared a story about a group of brown bears who wake from their sleep and go on an adventure in the woods entitled, ‘One Bear Lost’. Other play experiences today included transport play, dress up play in home corner, water colour painting and building train tracks for the magnetic trains.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Jess