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Welcome families and friends to another fun-filled day of learning and play in the Toddler room today. This morning Kaylee and her friends Asher, Zander and Ellie requested train play after morning tea. The children are doing so well with assisting Miss Jess with assembling the wooden track for the electric trains.  The children then gathered on the mat to share a Thomas and friends story book entitled ‘Thomas and the Magic Show’. The children were very engaged in the story and were keen to ask questions and share their thoughts, ideas and opinions about the storyline.

Miss Gabby then joined us for Yoga. The children know all the words and can sing along to Miss Gabby’s songs and rhymes. An activity they particularly enjoy is playing make believe when the children use their pretend binoculars to go on a walk through the jungle to search for animals. However, our favourite time of the session is relaxing on the mat and patiently waiting for tickles from the feathers. Other play experiences today included dress-up play in home corner, counting and sorting the fruits and vegetables into the recycled yoghurt containers, baby doll play and transport play.

Until next time ….

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Jess