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Happy Tuesday families and friends. What a fabulous day of fun, learning and play in the Toddler room today. This morning to start the day off Kaylee, Ellie and William spent time practicing their kneading and rolling skills engaging in sensory playdough play. The children made cakes and used the colourful feathers as pretend candles. The children then moved onto building transport vehicles with the lego blocks. William shared that he had visited the ‘Day out with Thomas’ train exhibition yesterday so we decided to extend on this interest by building ramps with the bamboo logs to create race tracks for the magnetic trains. The children had a wonderful time calling out, ‘ready, set, go’ as they released the trains down the ramp. Asher and Zander were very excited to race their trains against each other. Yarn Time we shared a story entitled ‘Big Machines’. Harley and Ryan  and their friends all helped identify all the different types of trucks including an excavator, forklift, cherry picker, bulldozer and cement truck. The children were then given the opportunity to browse through the book on their own during play time to study the pictures and pick their favourite truck. The children then helped pack away as we all sang our ‘tidy up song’ and transitioned to the mat area for Miss Gabby’s yoga session. This afternoon we will be celebrating Asher and Zander’s 3rd birthday from the weekend with yummy cupcakes and candles..

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Jess