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Hello everyone and welcome to Terrific Tuesday! Today we welcomed our new friend Harper to the Toddlers Room. It was such a wonderful morning that we decided to spend it in the great outdoors. We started off in the Nursery yard while our friends were still arriving. Soon it was time for morning tea and the children transitioned to the big yard for picnic morning tea.

The children then  moved off to various activities around the yard. The most popular activity was the playdough table. Here the children used the rolling pins to flatten the playdough and shape cutters to make different shapes. It was then time for yoga with Miss Gabby. The children followed Miss Gabby’s instructions enthusiastically and happily joined in with all the songs and poses. The favourite activity was tickles, where Miss Gabby comes along and uses her feathers to tickle the children’s face, hands and feet.  We then had more dancing and bubbles that the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Miss Jess & Miss Nikki