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Welcome to our Terrific Tuesday♥

What an eventful and busy bee day it has been here in the Toddlers room Two.

We are so lucky as when it was time to go outside and explore our beautiful outdoor environment the rain had stopped and let the warm sunshine on down.

Our outdoor adventure consisted of:

  • WATER PLAY!! Our friends have been loving exploring the cool water, tipping it in the tray, splashing in it, filling up buckets and making little puddles to jump in. Water play is awesome as it helps teach children patience as they need to wait their turn to use the tap to fill their buckets up. It also enhances on their gross motor skills as they scoop, pour, and run their hands through the water. It can be a very relaxing activity for young children as well.
  • Zooming past on the bikes, digging in the sandpit, swinging on the swing.
  • Reading with Miss Jess “We’re going on a bear hunt”

So much fun was had throughout this morning outdoor play.

It was time to come inside for our morning routine and afterwards we all sat down with Miss Jess and Miss Hope ready for our group time. In todays group time we read a book called “All children were very curious into what each sea animal was and laughed lots throughout the book. After our reading time we sang “Once I caught a fish alive” Miss Jess helped our friends to put the correct fingers up for each number and they ALL showed great listening skills as well as showed how eager they are to learn.

We then sang “Bee, Bee Bumble Bee” before each friend went to wash their hands for morning tea.

Each child has been showing how great they are at being so engaged in group time, it truly is special♥

Indoor morning play consisted of;

  • Train track and trains FUN! Miss Hope set up an awesome train set with the help of her friends! Working together as team♥
  • Showing off our groovy dance moves as we danced to some of our favourite songs like “Let it go”, “Hot potato” and more!
  • Sensory fun as an extension on with the balloons our friends painted with them!!! This was a lot of fun and the children enjoyed this.

Before lunch time we all came together on the mat with Miss Jess and sang some songs like “Miss Polly had a dolly”, Wheels on the bus”, “4 Cheeky monkeys”. (Cheeky Monkeys is one of our favourite ones now) ♥ Did you know nursery rhymes help children develop language and communication skills and so much more!? Amazing right!

After our delicious lunch it was time for your cherubs to rest their bodies for an afternoon of joy and laughter ♥

Thank you for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx