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Good afternoon friends and families,

As usual, we started the morning in the yard with our Toddler 1 friends, where Miss Thais, Bec, and Maddi welcomed Alanis, Onyx, Alia, Dominic, Parker, Nayla, Millie, Abel, and Lachie. This morning our friends showed a lot of interest in the hula-hoops, balls, and the sandpit. The children are becoming a lot better with the hula-hoops and starting to understand the concept of them.

After a beautiful play outdoors, we sat down for a morning tea picnic outside. The children enjoyed danishes and fruit. Miss Bec then set up two activity tables for us, one table had playdough, and the other had paint and farm animal stamps. Onyx, Lachie, Nayla, Millie and Alia really enjoyed the painting, moving the animals all over the page whilst Alanis, Dominic, Parker, Abel really loved making different shapes out of the playdough.

We then noticed that our horse friends came over to the fence for a visit. Dominic observed the horse by saying “two ears, two eyes, and a big mouth”. The children are becoming so confident with being around the horses and keep an eye out for them all day 🙂

We then transitioned inside for lunch which was fish and roast veggies. The children love this meal! We have had such a relaxed and beautiful day here at kindy.

See you all this afternoon!

Miss Thais, Bec and Maddi xx