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こんにちは  Kon’nichiwa

 (Hello in Japanese)

Welcome family and friends to our Friday fun day! ♥

What a lovely day to end the week on with your little cherubs! What joy we have all had today despite the weather. I look forward to you reading what we got up to today.

There is no better way to start off with a great big morning play before the rain starts to drizzle down. Miss Jess headed to the bridge with all her friends to play a game of I Spy where we looked around and said what we could see in the beautiful outdoors. We spotted the horses in the paddock, birds flying and trees. This game enhances on their knowledge of what is around them and opens their language more too.  We also played a game of Jumping Jacks, we all jumped up and down using our great leg muscles and holding on to the side. All the children laughed with excitement and shared a lot of joy. Some of our friends enjoyed racing around on the bikes while others were happy to climb the playground and slide down the slide with glee.

Soon enough it was time to come inside for our group time before transitioning to wash our hands before morning tea. Today in group time Miss Gabi read the book called “Numbers” as this week we have been focusing on numbers and colour recognition. All children show that they are all confident and involved learners.

After morning tea our friends packed away their bowls and drinks, washed their hands and headed to explore around the classroom. Miss Gabi had set out the doll house, building with blocks and animals. Miss Gabi sang “Old McDonald” and some children were repeating the sound and animal. This is great as it shows how engaged and responsive our friends are. Over on the table Miss Hope got some playdough out for our friends to explore with. They enjoyed rolling it, pressing, pulling apart the playdough and using the shape cutters. This is a fun way to enhance on their fine motor skills. It also promotes creativity and hand and eye coordination.

After our morning fun, it was time to have some lunch and get ready for our relaxation time.

This afternoon we spent inside due to the rain but that did not stop us from having a glorious afternoon!

Thank you for the awesome week♥

Have a safe and lovely weekend,

See you all next week.

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess, Miss Hope xx