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Happy Friday families and friends!!!

Today we welcome our friends Alexia and Parker from Toddler Two and also our friends Bella, Ivy, Lincoln, Abel and Lara from Babies Three. We started our day singing some nursery rhymes and get ready to go outside. Our little friends were so excited to explore the big playground. Bella, Lara,Ivy, Lincoln and Abel had so much fun with Alexia and Parker to play in the big Toddlers yard climbing up on the big slide, through the large net to go to the large slide. Little explorers were running around to show us their excitement in the new environment. We heard a lot of laughs and giggle. The children also enjoyed to push big bikes and play on the large obstacle course, Lincoln pretended to drive the car with other friends on the board making loud sound of the engine “brrrrrm, brrrm”.

Parker was the first one to go to the sink and then started to fill his bucket. The water play kept all our friends nice and cool during our extended outdoor play time…

Alexia and Parker did the activity with Miss Thais while we were outdoor. They had the chance to colouring the images from the Book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” because Miss Thais have been teaching them the colours this week. Parker started to say “Yellow” this week. That`s really nice to see their development and learning this week.

At the time for lunch the children didn’t want to come inside, they want to play more outdoors and we promised them that we will spend more time outdoors in the afternoon. Our friends enjoyed their delicious lunch today seating at the big toddlers chairs very confidently.

It was very nice that we spent day together with each other and that the children had opportunity to explore bigger environment and take challenge to climbing large equipment and slide on the large slide.

Have a nice long weekend!!

Love Miss Thais & Miss Jelena xx