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Hello families,

Today we began our day with our friends from Toddlers One outside exploring the yard, climbing course, riding bikes, and playing with some musical instruments that Miss Thais set up on the table for us.

We then transitioned inside the Room where we have our morning tea. After, we sat and did group time, reading a story about the weather and talking about how was the weather today and then Miss Thais asked our friends what they would like to do today, we all decided that it would be fun to do some painting of the rainbow, to continue our theme of weather, the children love painting and using fine motor skills while holding the sponge roll and spread the paint onto the paper.

Once we had finished our paintings, the children moved off to choose what they wanted to play with next, today we played in Home corner with the kitchen play and baby dolls, we also enjoyed the puzzles and connecting blocks to play with.

After our inside play, we transitioned again into the bathroom to wash our hands for lunch. Our friends had some vegetables and chicken today at lunch and had happy little bellies ready for rest time…

Sorry, no photos today. I had some issues with my memory card.

Love Miss Thais