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Glorious Friday

Hello and welcome to our glorious Friday we have all had as we end this lovely week. This morning started with welcoming everyone outside as they arrived. They enjoyed exploring around their outdoor environment and admiring the horses next door. The obstacle course was liked by a few as they challenged themselves to balance over the beams and down the yellow beam, they were so proud of themselves and did it again! As it is starting to get warmer the children like relaxing in the shade with a variety of books to select from which is nice as well as freely drawing. When everyone arrived, we headed inside to start group time with Miss Jess.

In group time today Miss Jess began with follow me instructions such as ‘’Clapping hands, waving hands’’ before asking the children to find their ears, noses, shoulders to gain their attention ready for a story called ‘’The Whale lost in London’’ Throughout this book Miss Jess had pointed out different illustrations on each page and asked ‘’Can you see this too?’’ They were all very engaged and thoroughly liked this book and seeing how the whale made way back home. To finish off we transitioned to washing hands for a delicious morning tea before they ventured around their classroom in seek of their next journey.

Indoor exploration consisted of the following:

  • ·         Building with the large Lego blocks
  • ·         Making scrumptious food for Miss Hope and the ‘babies’ in home corner
  • ·         Driving the cars around on the car mat
  • ·         Building ramps for the cars with the large wooden blocks

What a lovely morning it has been and for ALL children to be so engaged with their selected activities and one another. We then packed away as we got ready for Miss Jenny! In dance today the children made a train holding one another’s shoulders as they walked around the room, they also practiced their dance routines and showing their awesome groovy moves as one by one got up as everyone else cheered and clapped on.

Afterwards we applied sunscreen and hats as we made way down to the bottom slide playground in the shade for some cool water play with Miss Jess, Miss Lyn, and Miss Hope! They enjoyed tipping and pouring, stirring their hands around in the water, splashing and loved the nice cool feeling. It was perfect for the weather provided today. After water fun we all walked back to the top playground where we got changed, had big drinks of water, and got ready for lunch.

As the children came to sit down at the table for lunch Miss Jess did some breathing with the children to help them calm themselves down and spoke about how it is important to drink lots of water especially when it is so warm, after Miss Jess said that we ALL had a great big drink of water before lunch. As they packed away, they walked to their beds for a VERY reenergised rest for this afternoon whirl of fun to end our lovely day on.

P.S As it is getting warmer to make sure to pack shorts and sun safe short sleeve shirts please.

Thank you all for today and this week. Have a safe and lovely weekend

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Lyn xx