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Good afternoon friends and families!!
Happy Friday, today we welcomed Rumi, Ava, Ivy, Onyx, Kynell, Zahra, Kezia, Tai, Aria, and Lara. Our friends enjoyed free play inside; playing with the trains, jumping blocks, farm animals, and the toy snakes. Our friends then washed their hands and sat down for morning tea! For activity time this morning, we glued Christmas tree cut outs and decorated them with rainbow confetti, and after we made red playdough to play with! Our friends enjoyed spending a lot of time inside today, it was very toasty and cosy!
Before lunch, we raced outside to sit undercover to watch the rain and get a breath of fresh air and watch the horses run back their undercover! We then sat down and red ‘A special Christmas’ and ‘Rosies Holiday’ to help us calm our bodies and wash our hands and sit down in time for lunch. For lunch we ate ‘Fish and Pinto Bean Baked Taquitos’ and then laid down for our big rest!
Have a beautiful weekend!
Much love, Miss Thais, Bec and Maddi xxx