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Happy Friday Friends!

This morning we were lucky to greet our friends into the yard as the sun was shining after a beautiful night of rain! We got to say hello to the horses this morning, ride bikes, dig deep holes in the sandpit with Miss Bec, and then we came inside for morning tea! Our morning tea was nice and simple, we had pear, banana, and fruit toast! They loved it.

After morning tea we danced to wiggles; Onyx, Parker, Ava, and Lincoln especially got their groove on! Straight after that, we got to do more dancing with Miss Jenni. Our friends practiced identifying colors by jumping on different colored circles on the floor when the music stopped. We then made our way outside to enjoy the sun a little more!

Miss Maddi then brought a few friends at a time inside to help color in our ‘Are You Okay’ posters to stick on the wall so we can remind our friends to always be kind to each other and ask if they are okay!

We also were very engaged in the sandpit this morning where we made some Ted in the sand and also pretend to cook some food. We also enjoyed the swing today where our friends asked Miss Thais to push them high to the sky.

Have a good weekend!

Love Miss Thais, Miss Maddi and Miss Bec