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Happy Friday families and friends!

Today we welcome Zahra back to Toddlers Two Room with Miss Thais and our friends Parker, Kezia and Rania. This morning the children were so excited to venture outdoors with the sun finally out. The Toddler friends enjoyed turns on the swing and sensory play in the wet sand. The children pretended to cook  a cake and we also singing Happy Birthday to our friends. We practised our fine and gross motor skills as rode our bikes, climbed obstacle course and navigated our way around our playground…

Once indoors we settled on the mat for our acknowledgment to country & Yarn time, where we sung our good morning songs as well as our transition songs, before washing our hands for morning tea.

We continued on with learning all about different types of Sea animals… The children noticed the Wall that Miss Thais did at the back the Room with our sea animals this week. They loved to point the animals and identifying them through their names.

Miss Thais decided to extended the activity today setting up some sea animals Outside and blue water for them to play with. They loved to pick de animals from the container and show to each others.

We had Yummy lasagna and Vegetables for lunch today.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love Miss Thais