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Good afternoon! We hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Today we are joined by our friends Alexia, Quinn, Conall, Zahra, Kezia and Parker! We would also like to wish you a very warm Valentines Day! 🙂

Today we started our day outside which we were very happy to do since the heavy rain over the past few days has kept us snug inside. Our playground was so much fun and such a relief to let out some morning energy before we headed inside to wash our hands and have our morning tea.


How time flies when your having fun. As soon as we knew it Miss Jeni was here for funky feet. To begin our dancing we did head shoulders knees and toes warm up also the monkey stretch warm up song. Parker, Quinn and Conall all love to dance so much. They had a blast jumping around and copying the teachers dance moves to the music.


Then it was time for the chicken dance. Everybody was laughing spinning. It was so much fun!

We even had time for the hockey pokey and our teachers made a tunnel with their legs that everybody had such a fun time crawling through. Everybody joined in and followed one another through the tunnel.


And the last one was musical animal freeze dance song. Everybody walked up and down the room pretending to be an animals and then paused when the music said ‘freeze’.


And at the end we all received a sticker for such great dancing and listening to Miss Jeni and following all her fantastic actions.

Our toddlers today also did some special Valentines day paintings with our hands and feet that they can give to someone special to show how much they love them!

We hope that everyone has managed to stay dry and have not had any flooding concerns where they are.

Love Miss Steph and Miss Jade xx