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Happy Friday♥

Good afternoon family and friends and welcome to our day here in the Toddlers Two room

What a busy bee day it has been today with plenty to do and see!

We all started the morning off by slip, slopping our sunscreen on and our hats so we are protected from the sun before we adventure off outside. What glorious weather mother nature has provided today! With that in mind your little munchkins all let loose on water play again! Wooooohooo crayon drawing on the deck was so much fun! The children all enjoyed freely drawing away with their friends and teachers, getting in touch with their creativity side. Some of our friends also said a MASSIVE hello to our friendly horses from next door that like to visit us at the gate. Miss Gabi asked her friends what noise a horse makes and most all said “Neigh” This sparked an idea to sing “Old McDonald” All children responded well to this song.

Before we knew it, it was time to head inside for our morning routine. We all came together on the mat with Miss Jess and sang “Cheeky Monkey” and “Tiny Turtle” before Miss Gabi read a book called “Don’t` feed the animal “and sang “Bee, Bee, Bumble” to transition to washing hands. All children are becoming more confident and involved learners each day and it is lovey to watch them come out of their shell and boom with light, confidence, having their own voice and so much more.

Our morning indoor play consisted of:

  • Noa and Jackson explored the sensory board!
  • Spencer and Tairongo enjoyed playing with the doll house, exploring imagination!
  • Finely showed a great interest in the cars as well as Tairongo
  • Cameron, Edward, Indi, Noah, Thomas, and Mathias all danced away with Miss Otavia! Miss Otavia did some puppets play with them too. So much joy and laughter were had.
  • Miss Jess and some of her friends participated in art! With an extension of joy for paint we decided to paint starfishes with glitter paint and for the children to then use a spoon to get some glitter from the bowl to put on their starfish to finish it off. This activity was great for their fine motor skills as they squeezed the paint bottle to get some out before using the paint brush to paint it around and finally adding glitter by a spoon. For our friends who did not get the chance to do one today they will do one next week.

After our morning fun it was time to get ready for our delicious and nutrient lunch before we all had a beautiful rest to reenergise for this afternoon’s excitement and joy in the great outdoors.

This afternoon we waited until it was cool enough to head outside for one last play before all friends went home. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thank You for the amazing week♥

See you all next week.

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess, Miss Mitchell and Miss Hope xx